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By Mary Latham

Mary has been a landlord since 1972, letting all types of property to most client groups and carrying out much of her own refurbishment. She was founder and Chair of the Association of Midlands Landlords where she ran a helpline for landlords for 9 years until AML joined The National Landlords Association in 2007 and she became the West Midlands Regional Representative for NLA. Mary retired from NLA in summer 2018 but continues to deliver seminars for Midlands Landlords Accreditation Scheme and to manage most of her property portfolio

I would like to share my experience of renting a single let property which came back to me because of COVID 19. The property was initially let on an 18-month contract via The

Following my first article on the new legislation introduced in the Housing and Planning Act 2016 which began on 6th April this is another danger for landlords from tenants going for Rent Repayment

Some sections of the Housing and Planning Act 2016 came into force today.  The media will give a lot of attention to the fact that local authorities will be able to charge landlords

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) issued Guidance to Councils this week which restricts their ability to use the powers given them in the Housing Act 2004 to introduce more licensing

Under the weight of legislation, regulations and rent arrears some people get fed up of being landlords and those people now have a title “tired landlords” and are seen as the ideal target

All the local authorities who I work with are well aware that landlords are afraid of rent arrears and of Universal Credit. The feed back from the pilot areas has increased this concern. 

“Romney shot himself in the foot this week, then re-loaded, and shot the other foot” – Affan Chowdhry Most universities were built before most of us were born and, just like Airports, it

In all the thousands of landlords I have met I have not found one that would not prefer long term tenants so long as they are good tenants who pay their rent in

The reason that the legal process for taking our properties back from tenant is called possession is because once we have handed the keys to the tenant that tenant legally possesses the property and

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