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Property News 4 min read

2023 Buy-to-Let Updates and News: 5 Changes for Landlords in the UK

Reading Time: 4 minutes The past few years have been busy for the rental sector. From the announcement of electrical regulations for rental properties in 2020, to the recent Renting Homes (Wales) Act coming […]

Ashleah Pope

Property News 8 min read

12 Changes You Can Expect in 2022: New Landlord Rules & Regulations for Buy-to-Lets

Reading Time: 8 minutes New landlord rules and announcements are on the cards for 2022. Tax changes, licensing for short-term Scottish lets and amended rules for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are confirmed – […]

Helen Davis

Landlord Advice Tenant Advice 5 min read

Landlord And Tenant Advice – Frequently Asked Questions When Renting Part 2

Reading Time: 5 minutes Landlord and tenant advice is something we give out on a daily basis. The lettings process can be confusing at times so it’s understandable that landlords and tenants often have many […]

Katie Todd

Tenant Advice 5 min read

Tenancy Documents: 7 Documents Your Landlord Should Give You 2024

Reading Time: 5 minutes When moving to a rental property, your landlord is responsible for providing you with a number of tenancy documents. This includes your contract and information specific to your tenancy, as […]

Katie Todd

Property News 2 min read

Government Proposes Changes to Energy Efficiency Regulations 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes A government consultation has launched seeking to amend the current Energy Efficiency Regulations and improve the energy performance of private rented homes in the UK. One of the main proposals […]

Katie Todd

Property News 4 min read

How will the Chancellor’s Green Plan affect landlords?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Back in July, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a Green Homes Grant Scheme as part of the government’s £3 billion energy efficiency plan. The scheme, open from 30th September 2020, provides […]

Katie Todd

Property Law 4 min read

5 Changes Landlords Will Expect in Spring 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are a few things that are changing in the private rental sector over the coming months. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of what’s […]

Natalie Deakin

Property Law 5 min read

Energy Performance Certificates: Landlords, are you following the correct EPC certificate requirements?

Reading Time: 5 minutes In 2018, EPC requirements changed for landlords through the introduction of a minimum energy rating of ‘E’ or above for new tenancies. This rule now applies to all tenancies, not […]

Natalie Deakin

Property Law 5 min read

10 New Rental Laws Landlords Must Be Ready For in 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes As we’re half way into the first month of 2020, it’s vital that landlords and investors know what this year has in store for the property sector. To keep you […]

Jonathan Daines

Rental Process 4 min read

Legal landlord documents – why you need to get them right

Reading Time: 4 minutes Being a landlord comes with a lot of legal responsibilities – which, unfortunately, also means a lot of paperwork. Fishing out your certificates and putting together your legal landlord documents […]

Natalie Deakin

Landlord Advice 7 min read

Landlord’s Right To Access Property in UK 2024: Can Landlords Visit Without Tenant Permission?

Reading Time: 7 minutes A landlord’s right to access property is a contentious topic. It’s not unusual to hear about landlords being accused of trespassing or sued for unlawful entry by a disgruntled tenant.  […]

Jonathan Daines