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Property News 4 min read

Debt Respite Scheme and Breathing Space May 2021

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Debt Respite Scheme, otherwise known as ‘breathing space’, takes effect on 4 May 2021, with big financial implications for landlords and tenants. Introduced as part of the Chancellor’s Spring […]

Natalie Deakin

Company News 4 min read

Lockdown at LettingaProperty.com: How We Kept Our Rent Claims Below 2%

Reading Time: 4 minutes During lockdown, the rental sector was turned upside down. Lettings and estate agents across the country were hit hard – with some forced to close their doors for good. Landlords […]

Natalie Deakin

Property Finance 2 min read

“I was faced with an abusive tenant and high rent arrears”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ruby has been a landlord for over four years. In 2019, she was left feeling panicked and helpless by an abusive tenant who refused to pay and was four months […]

Natalie Deakin

Property Finance 6 min read

Tenant Not Paying Rent? Tips To Prevent Rent Arrears

Reading Time: 6 minutes In 2019 landlords and letting agents have seen an increase in the number of tenants not paying rent on time. Let’s take a look at the implications of non-payment and […]

Shannon Hall

Landlord Advice 9 min read

Renting Jargon – 50 Lettings Definitions for Landlords and Tenants in 2023

Reading Time: 9 minutes Residential lettings can be confusing. With over 160 laws and regulations related to renting, there’s a lot of complicated jargon thrown around. Landlords and tenants can not be expected to […]

Shannon Hall

Landlord Advice 6 min read

Universal Credit & Impact On Rent Arrears

Reading Time: 6 minutes One of the topics causing a great deal of debate at the moment for private sector landlords is universal credit and the predicted impact that it will have on rent […]

Matthew Daines

Property News 6 min read

Universal Credit And How It Will Affect Landlords

Reading Time: 6 minutes All the local authorities who I work with are well aware that landlords are afraid of rent arrears and of Universal Credit. The feed back from the pilot areas has […]

Mary Latham

Property Finance 2 min read

My Tenant Has Stopped Paying Rent!

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is the third article in my series of tenancy and property management tips for landlords. Hopefully, if you have taken on the points in my previous posts, we should […]

Paul Shamplina