How to boost tenant interest with professional property photography

professional property photos
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With thousands of new properties being added to the market every day, finding tenants is not as simple as it once was. With apps like Zoopla and Rightmove, tenants are overwhelmed with choice and often browse a large selection of properties within minutes. The trick is knowing how to catch their attention before they scroll past.

Your advert’s photos are the key to capturing instant interest. Photographs are one of the most important aspects of your listing – second only to the rental price. The images you choose to represent your property can be a real deal-breaker for potential tenants, so it’s vital to get them right.

Quality is key

The photos on your advert are your future tenant’s first impression of your property – so you have to make it count.

Blurry, low-definition and dimly lit photos do not put your property in a good light (pardon the pun). Your photos should showcase your property’s assets and immediately get tenants to imagine themselves living there.

At the very least, your photos should be:

  • Well lit (ideally taken during the day)
  • Taken landscape (sideways on a phone)
  • High-quality

A great way to ensure your photos do your property justice is to enlist the help of a professional photographer. They will know how to capture your property well – and have all the equipment to do so.

Grab attention from the get-go

If you’re thinking of having some professional photos taken, it’s best to have them ready before you publish your advert.

When a property first comes to market, it’s very common to see an initial spike in interest. The ideal time to impress tenants is when the advert goes live – so having top-quality photos from the beginning will definitely help.

Switch it up

After a few days online, interest levels start to fade. This is why we recommend adding new photos and rotating your existing photos often.

Tenants who are on the hunt for a place to rent will be browsing Rightmove and Zoopla several times a time a day, so it’s likely they will have already seen your listing.

Your original main photo might not be what your future tenant is prioritising in their search. For example, your first photo might be of the front of the house, but your future tenant is really keen on a spacious living room.

By switching up the order of your photos, it will freshen up your advert and spark the interest of tenants who have previously just scrolled by.

Virtual Tours

Great photos are a priority, but a virtual video tour can take your advert to the next level. A 3D tour of the property allows potential tenants to ‘visit’ your property directly from your advert – meaning they can get a real feel for the property before booking a viewing. This is less wasted time for you and them.

The viewing restrictions brought in during the pandemic created a huge demand for virtual tours – but they’ve proven to be extremely popular. Most property adverts will include a virtual tour or video.

The impact of professional photos

If your advert has been live for a while and isn’t generating much interest, professional property photos may be your answer.

One landlord’s advert was really struggling and had received only a handful of enquiries across six weeks.

To give their advert a boost, we helped them arrange some professional photos. These new pictures made the property look completely different. Take a look:

Renting out your home privately


Same room, professional photos

We uploaded the photos to a new advert – keeping the price the same – and the enquiries came flooding in. After just 48 hours, the property was let agreed and reference checks were underway.

De-clutter your property

Your property may be exactly what a tenant is looking for, but if the rooms are untidy they will be instantly put off. A simple decluttering before taking your photos will give the property a new shine and makes it easier for tenants to imagine living there.

Make sure the photos match the property as much as possible. You want people to be amazed when they walk in, not disappointed because of clutter.

Photograph everything

When looking for a home, people want lots of photos. Tenants want to be able to see as much of the property as they can before booking a viewing, so don’t leave anything out.

Be sure to capture the garden, as well as any utility and laundry rooms, garages and other storage spaces. These ‘smaller’ features could be a serious decision-maker for your future tenants.

An advert that is missing photos, either of a room mentioned, or the front of the property, raises suspicion. Prospective renters will be questioning why these photos were not included – and rightly so.

We recommend taking at least five photos of the property, including each room, the front exterior and the garden. Our expert photography service offers you ten high-quality and professionally edited images that are yours to keep.

Book your professional photos

Our professional photography service includes:

  • 10 top-quality photos
  • Expert editing
  • A 48-hour turnaround
  • High-resolution versions to keep and reuse

We’ll organise your professional photographer today for £99 (inc VAT). Get 15% off all landlord services (including Gas Safety Certificates, electrical inspections, inventories and more).

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