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Tenant Advice 4 min read

House Viewing Checklist 2023: What to Check When Viewing a House

Reading Time: 4 minutes House viewings may seem daunting for tenants and homebuyers alike, particularly if it’s your first time renting or buying. It’s easy to look around a house, but what should you […]

Helen Davis

Landlord Advice 4 min read

House Viewings for Buy to Let Landlords: Benefits of Doing Your Own Viewings

Reading Time: 4 minutes House viewings are an important part of the rental process. In a recent survey, 77% of landlords said they found conducting their own house viewings easy (UK Landlord Survey 2021). […]

James Russell

Property News 3 min read

Local COVID Alert Levels: Move-ins and Property Viewings Explained

Reading Time: 3 minutes On Monday 12th October, the government announced a tiered system of national COVID alert levels to manage local outbreaks and advise local authorities and residents on what they can do. […]

Shannon Hall

Uncategorised 5 min read

Letting a Property During COVID 19 Lockdown – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Reading Time: 5 minutes I would like to share my experience of renting a single let property which came back to me because of COVID 19. The property was initially let on an 18-month contract […]

Mary Latham

Rental Process 6 min read

A Landlord’s Guide to 3D Virtual Tours and Video Viewings

Reading Time: 6 minutes With ‘in-person’ viewings posing a COVID-19 risk, many landlords are now relying on the power of photography and virtual viewings to seal the deal with potential tenants. Back in March […]

Shannon Hall

Landlord Advice 7 min read

Landlord’s Right To Access Property in UK 2022: Can Landlords Visit Without Tenant Permission?

Reading Time: 7 minutes A landlord’s right to access property is a contentious topic. It’s not unusual to hear about landlords being accused of trespassing or sued for unlawful entry by a disgruntled tenant.  […]

Jonathan Daines