“I was faced with an abusive tenant and high rent arrears”

rent arrears

Ruby has been a landlord for over four years. In 2019, she was left feeling panicked and helpless by an abusive tenant who refused to pay and was four months in rent arrears. Here’s how she got every penny back.

The situation

At the beginning of 2019, Ruby’s tenant was failing to take care of her property. He left many intimidating phone calls and became very aggressive towards her.

In February, I served a Section 21 notice to the tenant, but he refused to leave. A Section 8 notice immediately followed– but the tenant still would not cooperate and stopped paying the rent.

The tenant continued to live in the property for a further four months. He built up £2,100 in rent arrears, leaving Ruby with a torn-up home, a mortgage to pay and a huge amount of stress.

The solution

Fortunately for Ruby, her rent was insured as a benefit of her Essential plan.

When the tenant failed to pay the rent, I filed an insurance claim for the money Ruby was owed.

Legal expenses and advice were also covered to help gain possession of the property.

As her point of contact, I provided Ruby with one-on-one support and began the legal arrangements needed to get Rachel’s home back.

The success

Ruby’s claim was accepted and she received £2,100 rent arrears in full – meaning she could pay her mortgage and begin the repairs to her home.

Legal proceedings were initiated by LettingaProperty.com to gain possession on Ruby’s behalf, however, the tenant moved out before the court papers were filed and the case was closed.

If the case had continued, Ruby’s legal expenses (estimated at £5,000) were covered by her Essential plan.

With our advice and guidance, Ruby was also able to claim back her full £700 deposit.

Ruby’s experience of rent arrears and abusive tenants

Here’s what Ruby had to say about her experience.

What challenges have you faced as a landlord?

“Unfortunately I was faced with a suddenly abusive tenant that stopped paying rent and was very difficult to have a conversation with. Notice was served, but the tenant refused to leave – resulting in us having to start the process to get possession of the property via the court.”

As a landlord, how has the Essential plan helped you with rent arrears?

“The Essential plan help me at a very distressing time. I felt helpless knowing that my property wasn’t being paid for nor looked after, but Natalie’s constant reassurance put me at ease

I was able to continue to make the mortgage payments on the property whilst being able to put money aside so that I can refurbish the property for a quick turn around once possession was gained.

What part of your experience with LettingaProperty.com have you valued the most?

LettingaProperty.com advise you properly – taking into account your plan, the law, and your personal situation.

“Having one person dealing with my case and guiding me through the whole process and the legal minefield has been priceless!”

The plan

The Essential plan supplied Ruby with:

  • Advertising and tenant referencing
  • Tenancy agreements, deposit security and holding fee services
  • Rent collection and guaranteed rent
  • Legal expenses and eviction support for rent arrears

Want to protect your property and rental income? Switch to our Essential plan today for just £59 a month (inc VAT).

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