Guaranteed Rent for Landlords: Understanding Your Options

Being a landlord in the UK can be rewarding yet challenging. Ensuring consistent rental income is crucial, and schemes that include Guaranteed Rent for landlords offer a solution.

Here, we explore three types of Guaranteed Rent options: Rent to Rent, Guaranteed Rent Insurance, and’s Rent Protection.

Rent to Rent

Rent-to-rent involves a management company taking over the property and guaranteeing a fixed monthly rent. The company handles tenant sourcing, rent collection, and maintenance.

Landlords receive a fixed monthly rental payment, regardless of whether the property is occupied by tenants. Typically, you would receive less than market rent for your property; however, this option provides steady income, eliminates tenant hassles, and offers peace of mind.

Guaranteed Rent Insurance

Guaranteed Rent Insurance protects landlords from rental income loss due to tenant non-payment.

Landlords purchase a policy from an insurer, which typically covers unpaid rent for up to 12 months and legal expenses related to evictions. If a tenant fails to pay rent, the landlord files a claim to receive the missed payments.

This option offers financial security, legal assistance, and flexibility, allowing landlords to control property management while ensuring income protection.

The drawback of purchasing Guaranteed Rent Insurance directly from an insurer is that there is far greater personal involvement in the legal claims, which can become overwhelming for the inexperienced landlord.’s Rent Protection offers Rent Protection by acting as a guarantor for the tenant.

There are two plans: Essential Rent Protection and Complete Rent Protection. The essential plan guarantees monthly rent and covers unpaid rent and legal expenses. The Complete plan ensures landlords receive rent within seven days of the due date, regardless of whether the tenant has paid.

This option provides prompt payments, comprehensive coverage, and peace of mind. For more details, please refer to our Rent Protection Terms.

Comparing the Three Options of Guaranteed Rent for Landlords

Rent to Rent is best for landlords seeking hands-off management and guaranteed income.

Guaranteed Rent Insurance is ideal for those wanting protection against tenant default while maintaining complete control over the legal process and property management.’s Rent Protection balances income security and prompt payment with comprehensive coverage.


Guaranteed Rent for landlords offers various options to suit different needs and preferences. Whether you choose Rent to Rent, Guaranteed Rent Insurance, or our Rent Protection plans, you can enjoy financial stability and peace of mind. is committed to providing reliable and hassle-free property management solutions. Ready to secure your rental income? Contact us today to learn more about our Guaranteed Rent schemes!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between Rent to Rent and Guaranteed Rent Insurance?

Rent to Rent and Guaranteed Rent Insurance aims to provide landlords with financial stability, but they function differently.

Rent to Rent involves a management company taking over the property, guaranteeing a fixed monthly rent, and handling all tenant and maintenance issues. This ensures a consistent income without the hassle of property management. On the other hand, guaranteed rent insurance is a policy that landlords purchase from an insurer. It protects against tenant non-payment by covering unpaid rent for a specified period and legal expenses related to evictions. Rent to Rent is more hands-off, while Guaranteed Rent Insurance allows landlords to retain control over property management.

How does’s Rent Protection ensure prompt payments?’s Complete Rent Protection plan guarantees landlords receive their rent within seven days of the due date, irrespective of whether the tenant has paid.

This plan acts as a financial buffer, ensuring landlords are not affected by late or missed tenant payments. The company effectively is a guarantor, providing peace of mind that rental income will be consistent. This scheme covers unpaid rent and includes legal assistance up to £50,000, making it a comprehensive solution for landlords seeking financial stability and prompt payment.

What are the benefits of Rent to Rent for a new landlord?

For new landlords, Rent to Rent offers several advantages. It provides a guaranteed fixed monthly income, which can be crucial for those just starting in property rental and looking for financial stability.

The management company handles all aspects of tenant sourcing, rent collection, and maintenance, reducing the landlord’s stress and time commitment.

This hands-off approach allows new landlords to learn the ropes without the immediate pressure of managing tenants and property issues directly. 

If the landlord carefully vets the company, it also ensures the property is professionally managed, potentially increasing its long-term value.

How do the legal assistance and coverage for eviction processes work under Guaranteed Rent Insurance?

Guaranteed Rent Insurance typically includes coverage for legal expenses associated with eviction processes. If a tenant defaults on rent, the insurance policy compensates the landlord for the unpaid rent and covers the costs of legal proceedings needed to evict the tenant.

This includes court fees, solicitor costs, and other related expenses. This comprehensive coverage ensures landlords are not financially burdened by lengthy and costly eviction processes, providing a safety net that protects their income and legal interests.

Why should I choose over other companies offering similar Guaranteed Rent schemes? stands out with its Complete Rent Protection plan, which ensures landlords receive rent within seven days of the due date, regardless of tenant payment status.

Additionally, the company offers comprehensive property management services, legal assistance, and a transparent, no-hidden-fee structure. This combination of prompt payment, extensive coverage, and dedicated support makes a reliable choice for landlords seeking peace of mind and financial security.

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