House Viewings for Buy to Let Landlords: Benefits of Doing Your Own Viewings

house viewings

House viewings are an important part of the rental process. In a recent survey, 77% of landlords said they found conducting their own house viewings easy (UK Landlord Survey 2021).

Some landlords are daunted by the idea of conducting their own viewings and would prefer to hire a clerk, but there are many benefits of doing it yourself.

Doing your own house viewings: Save money on viewing clerks

Conducting your own house viewings means you don’t have to pay anyone else to do it for you. Advertising your property and setting up your tenancy is already an expense, so why pay more when you can do it yourself?

89% of landlords said that saving money on fees was important to them (UK Landlord Survey 2021) and cutting out the viewing clerk (and any unnecessary extras) certainly helps with that. Essentially, the more you do yourself, the more money you save.

Of course, not all landlords live close by or have the time to show tenants around, but if you really want to save some cash, you could ask a relative or friend in the area to help.

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Use the house viewing to get to know prospective tenants

Doing your own house viewings means you’ll be able to meet and build a relationship with prospective tenants. First impressions count, and you want to make sure you’ve chosen the right person to look after your home.

Meeting tenants in person gives you a chance to gauge their character and could highlight any red flags you want to avoid. Did the tenant turn up on time? Do you get a good gut feeling about them? Do they come across well? Arriving late, being unenthusiastic, or avoiding questions may be a sign to go with someone else.

Your tenant may be here for the next few years, so it’s better to handpick them rather than on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Organise house viewings around your own schedule

Landlords can be very busy and many don’t feel they have time to conduct their own house viewings. However, when doing viewings yourself, you have the option to be more flexible and work to your own schedule.

Many people looking to rent have full-time jobs, making it tricky to view properties during working hours. Either way, people appreciate the flexibility to schedule viewings to suit them, so it’s a win-win for both parties. Crucially, conducting your own viewings increases the chances of a faster let, because of this flexibility.

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House viewings are an opportunity to ask questions

Tenants are bound to have lots of questions for you, but what about the questions you have for them? Why are they renting? When are they looking to move? Do they have any pets?

Their answers can really help you when deciding if they’re the right fit for your property. If they only want to rent for 6 months but you’re looking for a long-term tenant, it’s clear your property isn’t suitable. If you need a tenant quickly and they’re ready to move now, you could put them at the top of your list.

Tenant referencing is important, but it’s not the only indicator of a good tenant. Doing your own house viewings means you can find out what you really want to know, there and then – and this will save you the back-and-forth with a letting agent or viewing clerk.

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House viewings: choose who you want in your property

By conducting your own house viewings, you have ultimate control of who rents your property. You get to meet the tenant and make up your own mind, instead of relying on an agent’s opinion. There’s no wasted time or tiresome back-and-forth between you and a third party, because the decision is completely yours.

It’s also a plus for the tenant. Rather than feeling like a business deal, a lot of tenants appreciate a more personal renting experience. After all, choosing a home is a big decision. Conducting your own property viewings shows the tenant you are serious about letting your property and may make them feel more comfortable.

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Doing Your Own House Viewing: You can answer tenants questions

If you’re a self-managing landlord, nobody knows your property better than you. You’re the ideal person to answer questions. You know every little detail about your property, where viewing clerks may not. What are the neighbours like? How much are the utility bills? How long have you been a landlord? These are common questions that a viewing clerk may struggle to answer.

Prospective tenants will appreciate your candid response, plus, you can receive direct feedback from them and quickly address any issues. They can provide useful insights into what they enjoyed (or didn’t) about your house viewing, along with their impression of your property advert and their interaction with your lettings company.

Do you conduct your own house viewings?

Do you conduct your own house viewings? If you don’t, has this article made you consider it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Most landlords with prefer to do their own viewings, but we do offer a professional viewing service for those who need it.


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