‘Paws’ for thought. Could you become a pet-loving landlord?

It has been a whirlwind of a month so far for us since launching our #petlovinglandlord campaign during what is National Pet Month – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Since 1st April we have joined forces with not one, but two Midlands-based animal charities, who will be supporting our campaign for the remainder of April and have agreed to put their name against all findings we push out to the media.

Rescue and re-home

During the last two weeks we have participated in two separate photoshoots with our charity partners: the first with Birmingham Dogs Home and the second with My Forever Home Animal Rescue in Walsall. This gave us the chance to meet some of the dogs and see first-hand the great work that is done behind the scenes.

Both charities work tirelessly and around the clock to rescue and re-home dogs right across the country and we are delighted that they have partnered with us to support and back our message every step of the way.

Social media

Social media has been pivotal in helping to spread the word and so far we have generated 405 Facebook likes, 75 shares (so far), 68 Twitter engagements and more importantly converted 16 landlords to accept pets…all this and we’re not even at the half way through the month. Amazing!

In the coming weeks, we will be issuing our story regionally and nationwide in a bid to further spread the word of the need for more pet loving landlords – but we need your help.

Demand outstripping supply

Sadly, there is still a worryingly high number of animals right across the UK today that need to be re-homed as a direct result of their owners having found their ideal rental properties where pets aren’t allowed. With demand for pet-friendly landlords outstripping supply, it’s time for change.

Change is slowly happening but we need more to come forward and open up their doors to tenants who have furry friends – and why wouldn’t they? It’s more lucrative and with greater numbers of landlords adding on pet payment fees (which, by the way, tenants are happy to stump up) the advantages far outweigh the risks.

Premium rental prices

The plus side is that if landlords become more accepting, they can command a premium rental price for allowing four paws through their front doors. Why? Quite simply because the demand is there.

Jane Watts, founder of My Forever Home and whose partner is a landlord of three properties across the West Midlands, says: “As pet-friendly landlords, we can only see advantages – tenants are happy to pay a higher rent and bigger damage deposits, because they understand there is a perceived risk. What we have also found is that they are far more loyal, being so grateful for the opportunity to keep their furry family members with them.

“Through the rescue, I have come across many people who would rather set up home in a tent than give away their pet, but know many more tenants who have been forced to do so because they can’t find a place to home them and their beloved pals. This is completely heartbreaking for everyone involved, because their pets are family, not just animals.”

As a pet-loving nation, whether it is paws, feathers, fur or even a fin, accepting animals could lead to a long-term match made in rental heaven for all involved.

Take a look at our other blog post to find out why you should let to tenants with pets.

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