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Property Inventory

A property inventory is essential for all landlords, and often provides crucial evidence to resolve deposit disputes.

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A property inventory and schedule of condition are an essential part of any tenancy. Without one, landlords can rarely make a successful claim for damages.

In the event of a deposit dispute, the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) and other deposit services will require a third-party property inventory and schedule of condition as evidence of property condition.

An AIIC accredited inventory clerk will conduct your inventory, then send you a copy. This will also be available from your landlord dashboard.

What is an inventory?

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An AIIC-accredited inventory clerk will compile a comprehensive written and photographic report of your property's condition. This includes (but is not limited to) walls, floors, windows, and doors, as well as any appliances or furniture you have provided.

Your clerk will give you a copy of the inventory for your records, which can be used alongside mid-term and check-out inspections later on.

You can also add a check-in service to your inventory, which involves the clerk handing over the keys and asking the tenant to sign a document to confirm the condition of the property on the day of move-in.

It is recommended that a full inventory service is carried out a few days before your tenant moves in, ideally, the day before if possible.

If you have added a check-in to your inventory service, this should be carried out on the day the tenant moves in.

If you do not have a professional inventory and schedule of condition before your tenancy starts, you will struggle to make any damage-related claims on your tenancy deposit.

A check-in service can be added to your inventory for £40.00 (inc VAT). This involves asking the tenant to sign a document confirming the condition of the property and should take place on the day the tenant moves in.

A typical landlord inventory takes around an hour. The larger your property - and the more appliances and furniture it has - the longer your inventory will take.

We recommend that all landlords carry out a professional landlord inventory service. Your inventory is evidence of your property's original condition and is essential for any deposit disputes. If your tenant causes damages to the property, steals items you've provided, or leaves it in an unfit state, your inventory will support your claim on the deposit.

Landlords without an inventory are unlikely to be awarded the full cost of damage.

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