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Mid-Term Inspection

Check your rental property's condition with a routine non-biased inspection and documented mid-term report.

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  • Accredited clerks
  • Convenient appointments
  • Professional third-party
  • Deposit dispute evidence
  • Peace of mind
The purpose of a mid-term inspection is to check the condition of your rental property against the inventory and highlight any potential maintenance issues.

Mid-term inspections, otherwise known as property inspections or mid-term reports, are useful for both tenants and landlords.

A visit to the property helps catch any issues early on and gives both parties a chance to address any problems before they worsen. 

We will instruct a professional AIIC-accredited clerk to conduct an objective inspection of your property's condition to ensure it's being well looked after. It's also a great opportunity for tenants to report any issues that the landlord may be unaware of and get them fixed as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

 Why should I get a professional inspection?

We have a network of AIIC-accredited clerks that conduct professional inventories, mid-term inspections and check-outs all across the UK. 

They will provide a detailed and thorough report for your records and perform a completely objective inspection of your property.

In the unlikely event of a damage-related deposit dispute, a mid-term inspection will be useful evidence for your case.

Whilst you can conduct a mid-term inspection yourself, deposit resolution services favour professional third-party documents. If you don't have any inventory or inspection evidence at all, you are unlikely to be awarded deposit deductions.

 When should I have a mid-term inspection?

We recommended carrying out a mid-term inspection 3 to 6 months into a new tenancy. 

This allows you to catch any maintenance issues whilst they are still minor, before escalating into larger, more expensive repairs.

It provides tenants with an opportunity to voice any concerns or ongoing issues and confirms they are abiding by the rules of the tenancy agreement.

If you have a longer tenancy or renew your tenancy with your tenant, you should have mid-term inspection at least every year. 

 How long does a mid-term inspection take?

A mid-term inspection usually takes around half an hour. The larger the property, the longer the inspection will take.

 What does a mid-term inspection involve?

Our mid-term inspections are carried out by qualified inventory clerks. They will conduct a full inspection of your property's condition and produce a written and photographic report. 

The report will include:

  • A summary of the property's overall condition
  • Details of the condition of its contents
  • Checks that the property is being used only by named tenants
  • Checks for smoking and pets
  • Checks for any required maintenance work

The property inspection gives tenants a chance to report any issues that the landlord may be unaware of. It's also an opportunity to ensure the property is being cared for and that the tenancy agreement is being followed.

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Check-out Inspection

A professional check-out inspection is fundamental evidence during tenant deposit disputes.

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