How a to-let board can help let out your property

to-let board in front of a house

Whichever method of advertising you choose to let out your property, it makes good business sense to boost your marketing campaign with a to-let board.

Reaching the Locals

Marketing a property across all the major UK Property websites is a favoured means of advertising in today’s internet world, however don’t discount the local ‘foot traffic’ who pass by the property and see your to-let board.

Word of mouth is a very powerful tool. With rental properties currently in such high demand, if local people in your area can see your property is up for rent, you are far more likely to experience a higher volume of interest. The combination of media advertising and a suitably placed to-let board could boost your marketing significantly.

If you take into account that, before the internet and the development of property portals, estate agents relied solely on window advertising and to-let signs with great success, then it makes sense to utilise this simple yet very effective tool to optimise your campaign.

What should my to-let board look like?

The most important aspect when it comes to a to-let board is that it’s clear, concise and easy to read. If it contains too much information, it may distract the main message on the board: to let out your property.

The board doesn’t need to include anything about the property in question or whether it benefits from a newly fitted kitchen, a whirlpool bath or a garden the size of a football pitch. These are all details of the property which prospective tenants will discover for themselves when they come to view it or take a further look online.

The sign should be bold, stand out enough to attract attention and catch the eye of passers by but should simply include the words ‘to-let’, a contact telephone number and/or a website address, which would generally be that of your letting agent if you’re using one.

How do I display my to-let board? 

There are actually a few rules to follow when putting up a to-let board. Under most circumstances, planning permission will not be required.

When ordering a to-let board from, we ensure that the boards conform to the required measurements.

If the property you intend to rent out is for residential use then you can either have a single board or two boards which have been joined together to form a ‘V’ shape. If you opt for a single to-let board then this should be no bigger than 0.5 square metres. A ‘V’ shaped board should not be any larger than 0.6 Square metres.

If your property is intended to be let out for commercial or agricultural purposes, then the single to-let board should not exceed 2 square metres and the double ‘V’ shaped board should be no larger than 2.3 square metres.

You must also make sure that it does not protrude more than one metre from the wall of your property and should not be illuminated in any way.

The highest part of the advertisement should be no more than 4.6 metres above ground level.

In Areas of Special Control, the highest part of the advertisement should be no more than 3.6 metres above ground level.

Once a tenant has been secured and the let has been agreed, the to-let board must be removed within 14 days.

Board maintenance

Ensuring the to-let Board is kept clean and tidy. There is no point in having a to-let board to advertise your rental property if it’s so dirty it can’t be read.

Ensuring that the to-let board is in a safe condition and is affixed to the property securely. The last thing a landlord wants is to be held liable for any accidents or injuries caused by a badly erected or dangerous to-let sign.

Landlords must also ensure that they have permission to display the board if – for whatever reason – it is not being erected on their own property. For example, if the landlord wishes to erect a board on highway land, they must seek the permission of the Highway Authority.

Additionally, the board must not obscure or hinder any other official signs such as aircraft, road, rail or waterway signs.

Where can I get a to-let board?

If you are purchasing a lettings plan, you can request a high-quality to-let board from our team. Installation is subject to availability, and boards being permitted in your location. All our boards comply with current planning regulations and are manufactured from two layers of durable correx, making them sturdy and fully weatherproof.

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