Prepare to Maximise Your Rental Income

The holiday season is nearly over and the phone lines are already starting to pick up with tenant enquiries.  As long as the property is appealing, the price is right and you are flexible, a quick let can be achieved!  Here are a few tips that may help…


Preparing to advertise your property for let  is one of the most important factors when it comes to finding a good tenant.  From our years of experience advertising properties online, we have picked up a few great tips from our landlords on how to make sure you get the best rental price for your property… especially if the property is your main residence and you are still in occupation.

These are our fundamental top 5 tips when preparing your property for rent.  Get these right and your prospective tenants will be banging down the door with offers!

  1. Preparing the Exterior – If the outside, or “curb appeal” looks good, people will more than likely want to see what’s on the inside.  Hide the bins and toys, trim or tidy the lawn and any shrubs or bushes and add some colour to the exterior with tubs of seasonal flowers.
  2. De-Clutter – People collect an amazing quantity of junk, but tenants won’t want to rent a home they can’t see.  Since you want your property to look as spacious as possible, pack up or get rid of anything you don’t need or use. If tenants see that your belongings won’t fit in the property, they won’t believe theirs will either.
  3. Really clean your kitchen and bathroom; Your kitchen and bathroom should be absolutely spotless and shining. Hideaway inessential clutter from the kitchen worktops including unnecessary appliances. Hide the toilet brush, cleaning products, toothbrushes and the barrage of nearly empty shampoo bottles and products!
  4. Remove all evidence of pets –  Not everyone is going to feel the same way about your pets as you do, so make sure you remove all evidence of having a pet at all including food bowls and dog beds.
  5. Remove all evidence of yourself! –  Make sure that only the bare minimum of personal items are on display – This will allow your tenants to “mentally move in” and imagine themselves living happily in your space.

These are a few more obvious quick fixes that are just as important and make the world of difference when presenting a property.

  • Make Your beds
  • Put the washing up away
  • Clear the kitchen/dining table
  • Hide the remote controls
  • Take the clothes off the line/clothes horse
  • Put the ironing board & hoover away
  • Move the cars off the drive
  • Ensure toilet seats are down

If you have any more tips or advice for fellow landlords, please comment below!


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