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Landlord Inventory Service

A network of professional AIIC accredited landlord inventory service clerks nationwide.

Landlord inventory service
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An inventory is an important document needed for deposit claims.

A rental property inventory and schedule of condition report is one of the most important tenancy documents provided within our landlord inventory service.  Without one, a landlord will rarely be able to make a successful claim for damages.

In unfortunate circumstances where a landlord wishes to make a claim on the tenant's deposit for damage, the Deposit Service will require proof of a signed Inventory and Schedule of Condition.  In the absence of one, it is almost impossible to prove liability for damage that may have been caused by the tenant during their time in the property.

Through our national network of inventory clerks, all of whom are accredited by the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) we are able to provide a professional and cost-effective landlord inventory service.

Frequently asked questions

 What is a tenant check-in?

We recommend that on the day the tenancy agreement is due to start, you (or the clerk) meet the tenant at the property to carry out a simple check-in report. This is a perfect opportunity to go through the Inventory in detail and discuss any issues regarding the property. The tenant signs the Inventory on check-in. If you are unable to meet the tenant on check-in, you must send the tenant a copy of the inventory and request that they sign it and return it to you within 5 working days.

 Do I need to get a property inventory done before check in?

Yes, if you wish to be able to use this depost to claim against any damages or non payment of rent. If you do not get an Inventory and schedule of condition report carried out at the beginning of the tenancy 9 out of 10 Landlords are unable to claim any of the deposit. If you choose not to have an inventory signed by both parties at the beginning and end of the tenancy you will not have a claim to the tenants’ deposit.  

 How should the property inventory make describe the property?

A property inventory should describe the property accurately and fairly to be able to assess the liability of damage or dilapidations during the tenancy. Without an accurate inventory being created at the start of a Tenancy Agreement, it will be near on impossible to claim any damages back from the Tenant at the end of the agreement.

 When should the property inventory be prepared?

A property inventory should be prepared every time a property is let and as close to the start date of the Tenancy Agreement as possible. You should make the property inventory factual and it should be agreed and signed by both the Landlord and Tenant at the start of each tenancy agreement.

 Why is the property inventory important?

It describes the contents and condition of the fixtures and fittings left in a rented property. It is the only way to evaluate the state of the property at the beginning and end of a tenancy and therefore, it is the only way to determine how much disrepair and damage may have been caused by a Tenant during their stay.

The Clerk will check the Tenant into the property and sign off the inventory report.
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