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Landlord Inventory Service

A network of professional AIIC accredited landlord inventory service clerks nationwide.

Landlord inventory service
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A rental property inventory is an important document needed to make a successful claim against the tenant's deposit for damages.

A landlord inventory and schedule of condition are an essential part of any tenancy. Without one, landlords will rarely be able to make a successful claim for damages.

In the event of a deposit dispute, the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) and other deposit schemes will require a third-party property inventory and schedule of condition as evidence of the property's condition. 

We'll arrange your professional landlord inventory service through our nationwide network of accredited inventory clerks. 

What is an inventory and schedule of condition?

Frequently asked questions

 What is a tenant check-in?

We recommend that on the day the tenancy agreement is due to start, you (or the clerk) meet the tenant at the property to carry out a simple check-in report. This is a perfect opportunity to go through the Inventory in detail and discuss any issues regarding the property. The tenant signs the Inventory on check-in. If you are unable to meet the tenant on check-in, you must send the tenant a copy of the inventory and request that they sign it and return it to you within 5 working days.

 When should I get a landlord inventory?

It is recommended that a full inventory service is carried out a few days before your tenant moves in.

If you do not have a professional inventory and schedule of condition before your tenancy starts, you will struggle to make any damage-related claims on your tenant's deposit. 

 What does a landlord inventory service involve?

We will instruct an AIIC-accredited inventory clerk to compile a comprehensive written and photographic report of your property's condition. This includes (but is not limited to) walls, floors, windows, and doors, as well as any appliances or furniture you have provided. 

Your clerk will give you a copy of the inventory for your records, which can be used alongside mid-term and check-out inspections later on.


 How long does a landlord inventory take?

A typical landlord inventory takes around an hour. The larger your property - and the more appliances and furniture it has - the longer your inventory will take.


 Do I really need a landlord inventory service?

We recommend that all landlords carry out a professional landlord inventory service. Your inventory is evidence of your property's original condition. If your tenant causes damages to the property, steals items you've provided or leaves it an unfit state, your inventory will support your claim on the deposit. 

Landlords without an inventory are unlikely to be awarded the full cost of damages. 

The Clerk will check the Tenant into the property and sign off the inventory report.
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