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Gas Safety Certificate for Landlords

Order a landlord gas safety certificate online. Trusted GasSafe registered engineers nationwide.

Gas Safety Certificate
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Gas safety certificates are an annual legal requirement for all rental properties.

All rental properties with a gas supply must have a valid Gas Safety Certificate (also known as a Gas Safety Record or CP12). This involves a full inspection of your property's gas fittings and appliances to ensure there are no risks to your tenant.

We arrange gas safety inspections through a nationwide network of Gas Safe certified engineers. They will carry out a professional inspection of your property and provide you with your Gas Safety Certificate.

What is a landlord gas safety certificate?

Frequently asked questions

 How will I receive my Gas Safety Certificate?

After ordering your Gas Safety Certificate, our suppliers will contact you to arrange a suitable time for your inspection. Once the inspection has been carried out, will email you a copy of your Gas Safety Certificate directly.

 What is covered in the Gas Safety Inspection?

Our engineers will carry out a gas safety inspection of up to 3 gas appliances. This typically includes the gas boiler, gas hob and/or gas fireplace. Additional appliances can be added if needed.

Your engineer will carry out visual checks and physical tests of the systems, including ventilation, flue flows, meters and pressure vessels. Any remedial work required is not included in the gas safety inspection. 


 When do I renew my Gas Safety Certificate?

Landlords must renew their Gas Safety Certificates every year. Although they are valid for 12 months, landlords can get a new Gas Safety Certificate 2 months earlier than the expiration date and it will still be valid for the entire annual period. 

For example, if your last Gas Safety Certificate was issued 1st June 2020, you can organise your gas safety inspection any date between 1st April and 1st June 2021 and no time will be lost. Your new expiration date would be 1st June 2022, regardless of when the certificate was issued within this 2-month period.

To ensure you get your certificate in time, we recommend booking your inspection as early as possible.

 How do I know if my Gas Engineer is Gas Safe Registered?

Our network of engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe registered. You should always confirm that any engineer entering your property is listed on the Gas Safe Register. To do this, you can ask to see their Gas Safe ID card when they arrive.

 When should I order a Gas Safety Certificate?

All rental properties must have a gas safety inspection every year.

You must give your tenant a copy of the valid Gas Safety Certificate before they move into your property. If your property does not has a Gas Safety Certificate, we recommend organising your inspection around 12 weeks before the tenancy start date. This allows time for appointment delays and any further remedial work recommended after the inspection.

If your tenant is already living in the property, you must give them a copy of the certificate within 28 days of the inspection.

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