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Mary Latham, Landlord and contributor to LettingaProperty.com

Last updated on July 6th, 2017 at 04:46 pm

Mary Latham Mary Latham has been a landlord since 1972, letting all types of property to most client groups and carrying out much of her own refurbishment.

She was founder and Chair of the Association of Midlands Landlords where she ran a help line for landlords for 9 years, until AML joined The National Landlords Association in 2007 and she became the West  Midlands Regional Representative for NLA.

An Executive member of the National Federation of Residential Landlords for 4 years, she was regularly consulted by Government, local authorities and other groups within the housing industry. When the Housing Act 2004 was being drafted, Mary was responsible for the inclusion of the option for landlords to hold their own deposits and protect them through the insurance based options.

Mary Latham is an experienced training provider having previously worked in industry as a training officer and later running professional development seminars for landlords. As Vice Chair of the Homestamp Consortium, in 2006, Mary led the working party that developed Midlands Landlords Accreditation Scheme to get landlords up to speed and help the PRS to thrive in the Midlands.

Known for her in-depth knowledge of legislation and regulation and her down to earth approach to the realities of letting and managing rented property, Mary is a popular speaker at landlords’ events.

Recognising Mary’s authority in the PRS, LettingaProperty.com made an approach with an opportunity to provide the Company with knowledge, help and support from a consultative standpoint. Mary is now a regular contributor to our Landlord and Tenant newsletter and Company blog which provides our readers with invaluable hints, tips and information within the PRS.

As a landlord, when it comes to finding and referencing tenants for her own property portfolio, Mary has been an avid supporter of LettingaProperty.com since 2011.

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    February 4, 2020 REPLY

    Dear Mary
    I have just been re reading my PIn magazine ,August 2019 regarding the ‘ Legislation Update in Birmingham’ .

    I found the article informative and of interest, as I have only pursued the ‘single let ‘ model. Houses are meant to be homes and glad that the council is applying some common sense pressure to resolve the housing crisis.

    Having done property part time for a number of years , I am now doing it full time and will be a ‘ portfolio landlord ‘ this year.

    Also, a passionate gardner , all my properties have gardens or as flats the possibility of garden pots outside.

    Kind regards,


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