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What's included?

Complete peace of mind for every landlord.

Rent recovery costs

Your legal costs to pursue non-paying tenants if rent is one month overdue.

£50,000 towards repossession

Your legal costs to get your rental back if your tenant refuses to vacate the property.

Accommodation costs

Your accommodation and storage costs while you wait to get your property back.

Property damage protection

Your legal costs to obtain payment for damage to your property and contents.

Nuisance and trespass cover

Your legal costs to pursue or evict non-tenants who trespass or create a nuisance.

Criminal prosecution defence

Your legal costs and expenses to defend yourself against criminal prosecution.

Contract dispute cover

Your legal costs for disputes arising from contractor repairs and maintenance.

Tax enquiry protection

Your legal costs and expenses to cover representation in an HMRC investigation.

Income protection

Your income protected for time off work to attend court or tribunal for a related claim.

Only we give you LetsProtectTM

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Tenant manager
£50,000 towards repossession
Accommodation and storage
Property damage protection
Asbo and trespass protection
Criminal prosecution cover
Contractor dispute support
Tax investigation protection
Income protection

LetsProtect benefits only included with letting plans. Terms and conditions apply

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