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Rent on Time FAQs

 Do I have access to a Home Emergency assistance 24/7?

Yes, under the Complete plan only. For more information access our Home Emergency Page.

 Do you have a Legal help line?

Yes, we do. If you are on one our Letting Plans, we ask that you initially address your concern with one of our trained and qualified account managers who will determine if further advise is required and pass over the most suitable contact number.  

 How long does it take to receive my rent?

We generally have the rent payment transferred to our landlords by the end of the 3rd working day from receiving it from your tenant. 

 How long are landlords required to use this service?

The instruction agreement lasts for the term of the tenancy. The Landlord and Tenant are both tied in to the Tenancy Agreement for the duration of the tenancy. If you wish to end your agreement, please refer to the Termination of Services in our T&C’s. 

 Do you accept tenants that are already in rent arrears?

No, we cannot accept tenants who are currently in arrears.

 Do I have to pay for re-advertising my property when the tenants move out?

Yes, under all our Letting Plans you are required to pay a relisting fee. If we are still collecting your rent and you wish to relist, we can deduct this amount from your next rent payment.  

 What happens at the end of the tenancy term?

Prior to the end date of your tenancy term, we will be in touch with you and see if you would like to offer an extension to your current tenants. If you wish us to do so, we can liaise with your tenants and handle a renewal or if you would like your property back, we will issue the correct notices to have your property returned. 

 Do you handle any deposit disputes at the end of the tenancy?

Yes, under the Complete plan this service is complimentary and involves us having to liaise with all parties including the Deposit Protection Service during disputes.

 Who deals with property maintenance?

The landlord is responsible to arrange any general repairs and maintenance on the property. For general maintenance, we work closely with RatedPeople who provide a tradesman search and comparison service at competitive prices.

 Do I need to provide proof of ownership of the property I want to let out?

Yes, we need to ensure you are the landlord or have been granted permission by the property owner to let out a particular property. 

 Do I receive rent if the property is vacant?

No. There are companies that will take your property and sublet it at a profit where you will have no control of who will be living in your property. We believe you can have the best of both with our support to limit if not eradicate any void periods and in the long term make more money from your investment.

 How long does it take to evict a tenant?

Government statistics indicate it can take up to 21 weeks on average in some parts of the country before a bailiff is able to finally evict a tenant. We know that if your rent is covered by us and our insurer, we will want to expedite the process to ensure your property is back in your hands as soon as possible.

 What happens when a tenant stops paying their rent?

After no payment has been received within 7 days from the rent due date and reminders have been sent, a final letter will be sent to the tenant/guarantor, copying the Landlord confirming the position and a rent schedule showing arrears. If rent has not been received by day 30 after this letter is sent, we advise our legal team and insurer of a pending claim. If the tenant fails to pay the next month’s rent and falls into 2 months arrears, a Section 8 Possession Notice will be served and legal proceedings against the tenant may begin.

If the tenant fails to pay and vacate the property, then a possession order from the Courts will be issued. If the tenant still fails to vacate or pay, a formal possession order will be provided by the courts. Finally, if the tenant still fails to vacate after this period has elapsed, a bailiff will be arranged to evict the tenant. Whilst the tenant is still in possession of your property and during the process of eviction, will ensure your rent is paid without any delay. 

 What happens if I want to sell my property?

That’s not a problem. We will ensure that in accordance with the tenancy agreement and our terms and conditions of ending our agreement, we assist in getting the property prepared for a sale.   

 Can you provide an Inventory check-in, mid inspection and/or check-out service?

Yes, we work with inventory clerks throughout the country that are all accredited by the Association of Professional Inventory Providers (APIP). We co-ordinate the services required from our offices to take away the hassle of you having to do so. We can also arrange an interim visit when required. 

 Do I need to get a property inventory done before check in?

Yes, if you wish to be able to use this depost to claim against any damages or non payment of rent. If you do not get an Inventory and schedule of condition report carried out at the beginning of the tenancy 9 out of 10 Landlords are unable to claim any of the deposit. If you choose not to have an inventory signed by both parties at the beginning and end of the tenancy you will not have a claim to the tenants’ deposit.  

 I have already referenced my tenants. Do I need to do it again?

Every situation will be different and if you have recently used a reputable referencing agency to carry out a comprehensive reference, a copy of that may do. Please call us to discuss what we will need to cover in your specific situation. 

 Do you use the deposit as excess for non-payment of rent?

No. Under the Complete plan, your deposit which will be lodged with the deposit protection service and kept for any damages and dilapidation (if applicable) that may occur within your property by your tenants.  

 Will I get paid on time every time whilst my tenant is in my property?

Yes. With our Complete plan, whilst your tenant remains in your property your rent will be assured and paid by the end of the 3rd working day regardless if your tenant does. Please read our plan terms and conditions for further information.

 What happens if the tenant stops paying the rent?

We will deal directly with your tenants’ late payments and in the meantime, pay you the rent due if you have chosen the Complete Plan regardless of whether your tenant pays us or not. Please refer to our Plan Terms in our Terms and Condition pages. 

 Is members with any Letting industry professional body?

We are members of several property related bodies including the National Landlords Association and UKALA where we hold a client money protection providing financial peace of mind for landlords and tenants. Additionally, we are members of Safe Agent and The Property Ombudsman.

 Can you arrange holding Fees from tenants?

Upon agreement from you, will take a holding fee from the tenant equal to one weeks rent to ensure the property can be removed from the market. This Holding fee is made to to ensure the tenant is ready to commit to your property having determined they are suitable to be your tenant. If the prospective tenant decides to release the property after the deposit has been received, the landlord will receive the deposit minus any charges incurred by

 What are the Tenant’s fees?

*Relevant letting fees and tenant protection information*

As well as paying the rent, you may also be required to make the following permitted payments. 

*** Before the tenancy starts payable to

Holding Deposit: 1 week’s rent

Deposit: 5 week’s rent

*** The following charges (payable by the Tenant(s) in England and Wales) may apply where manages the administration of this contract and the collection of rent:  

For each time the rent is not received within fourteen (14) days of the rent due date each month, interest will be payable at an annual percentage rate of 3% above Bank of England Base Rate calculated daily starting on the 15th day after the rent due date. It is strongly advised that the Tenant(s) set up a standing order from one bank account to ensure no delayed payments are made.

For any amendments, requested by the tenant(s), to the already signed tenancy and where the start term and end term dates do not change, a £60 tenancy amendment fee will be payable by the Tenant(s).

*** Note to the above administration charges:

Any shared Tenants named on this agreement and bound by this agreement are "jointly and severally" liable for the payment of these administration charges as per contract.

All pricing includes the current prevailing rate of VAT tax.

Payment for a breach of the tenancy agreement up to the prescribed limit

During the tenancy (payable to the provider) if permitted and applicable

- Utilities such as gas, electricity, water

- Communications such as telephone and broadband

- Installation of cable/satellite

- Subscription to cable/satellite supplier

- Television licence

- Council Tax

- Other permitted payments

Any other permitted payments, not included above, under the relevant legislation including contractual damages.

*** Tenant protection is a member of UK Association of Letting Agents (UKALA) which is a provider of Client Money Protection, and a member of The Property Ombudsman which is a redress scheme. You can find out more details on the agent’s website or by contacting the agent directly.

 What are your Landlord fees?

Our listing fee for the Complete Plan is £149 Inc. Vat to list your property payable on finding you a tenant.

From here, we then deduct your monthly subscription payments from your first rent payment and throughout the term of the tenancy. All other services both legally required and optional are available on our website to purchase.

 What other services are included in the Complete Plan?

For £149, we’ll advertise your property on Rightmove, Zoopla & PrimeLocation. Our lettings experts are ready to take tenant enquiries 24/7/365 and send you instant viewing notifications via text and email.

Once you’ve shown the tenant around the property and both wish to proceed, we'll secure a holding deposit, take up references on 2 tenants, create a digital tenancy agreement, register a 5 week tenancy deposit and take care of the legal paperwork.

From the day the tenant moves in, without delay, we will pay your rent on time every month even if the tenant fails to pay. We will deduct our monthly management fee and transfer the balance to your bank account.

 When do you deduct the monthly fee?

The costs of all our services included in our monthly service fee are spread out over the course of the tenancy and as such we deduct the fee at the time we pay you your monthly rent. 

  Do you draft the tenancy agreement and lodge the tenants deposit?

Yes. We take care of all the legal paper work regarding your tenancy agreement. You review it, digitally sign it and it then automatically goes to your tenant for their signature. Once all parties have signed, then all parties will get a copy of the signed agreement for their files. 

  Will there be an Account Manager I can contact during business hours?

Yes, we have a qualified Landlord and Tenant team that both our Landlords and Tenants will be in contact with throughout the initial stage of tenancy all the way through to the check-out day.

 Do I need to have my tenants referenced?

Yes, we do need to have your tenants pass a comprehensive reference which includes an affordability/employment reference, credit check and where applicable a Landlord reference. If a Guarantor is required, then we will ask you if this is an option. For long term tenants whom have been residing in a property for over 12 months and have not had any late rent payements, we may be able to forgo referencing. As each circumstance is different, please check with our team.

 Can I expect enquiries on the weekend and Public Holidays?

Yes. We take tenant enquires 365 days a year. Our opening times can be found here.

 Do you speak with interested tenants in my property?

Yes. 90% of our enquiries come via calls we get Monday to Sunday. Our team speak with interested tenants to match them to the type of tenant you have indication you wish to consider. Currently 10% of our enquiries come from tenants who are already registered and can contact you via your dashboard showing their interest.

 How do I get notified of any tenant interested in my property?

We will send, together with employment status, pet ownership status and intended move date, their name, telephone number and email address via both email and text notification instantly after we receive it. You receive the same information immediately when registered tenants enquire.

 Can you help me with a viewing service for prospective tenants?

Yes, we can provide a viewing service for our busy landlords at a nominal additional cost, for more information about this convenient service, speak to our team or go to our Landlord  Service page.

  Do I need to arrange the viewings with prospective tenants?

Yes. Once we have sent through an enquiry, we strongly recommend you try calling the tenant at a time convenient to you. You have the opportunity on this call to ask them some more qualifying questions and if you feel they may be suited arrange a time to meet at the property.  

 Do I need Photos and a Floor Plan to let my property?

We strongly recommend you have at least photos of your property to get any interest. But don’t worry if you don’t have any or they may not be good enough, we will arrange for a photographer to come around, take photos and do a floor plan as part of the service. We will also upload them for you onto your advert.

 Can you help me put my property onto the market?

Yes, our team have the experience and knowledge to know what tenants will be looking for and how our partners market your property. Call the Landlord team during office hours and we will gladly help you with all your property information uploading. We can even give you a rental price guide for your consideration.

 Can I switch or transfer my current tenancy over to the Complete Plan?

Yes, you can! You can do so for any of our Letting Plans. There will be some pre-qualifications and information we will need from you and as such we suggest you call us on 0333 577 8888 to discuss how we could do this as seamlessly as possible. 

 Do I need to advertise if I have a tenant ready to move in or already in my property?

No. If you have found a tenant, then the process of advertising your property will not be necessary. The same applies if you have a tenant in tenancy and wish to transfer over or switch to our Complete plan. As no tenancy circumstance is likely to be the same, it would be best to call us to discuss your case. Alternatively, email our Senior Valuation Manager on [email protected]