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Rent Collection Switch Service

Switching to our Rent Collection service is the perfect choice for Landlords who currently have a Tenant in the property which is either being managed* by a local letting agent or by the Landlord directly and would like to switch to having the assurance of a professional and low cost rent collection service.

We will take care of all the communication and administration needed to switch your Tenancy over to us.  In addition, as part of the switching service, we will also handle transferring the Tenancy deposit by securing it with a Deposit Scheme ensuring your legal responsibilities as a Landlord are met.

Once the switch has taken place, the rent will be collected on a monthly basis with our rent collection fee deducted before being transferred to the Landlord’s bank.  We aim to have the rent in the Landlords account within 5 working days from receiving it from the Tenant.

* please check your current agent's terms of business before switching.

+ monthly rent collection fee