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General Tenancy Agreement Drafted

A General Tenancy Agreement is slightly different to an Assured Shorthold Agreement as it is used for Tenancies that fall outside housing law and is used to create a formal contract between Landlord and Tenant..

Who should use the General Tenancy Agreement?
The Housing Act 1989 excludes certain types of lets, whereby the type of Tenancy Agreement would be classed as a General Tenancy Agreement, and these are (most common in bold):

  • Letting a property to a Company
  • Holiday Lettings
  • The Landlord lives in the property being let
  • Tenancies with a high rent (ie. Over £100,000 per annum)
  • Tenancies entered into before commencement of the Act (ie. January 1989)
  • Tenancies at low rent (typically less than £250 per year, or £1000 in London)
  • Licensed premises
  • Tenancies of agricultural land and agricultural holdings
  • Lettings to students – by specified educational institutions
  • Crown tenancies – where the landlord is the Crown (ie. the Queen)
  • Local authority tenancies

If your circumstances meet any of the above criteria then we will be creating a General Tenancy Agreement for you.


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