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 How to read and respond to messages in Landlord Dashboard

All notifications of enquiries received will be sent to the Landlord by text and email.  Contained in the communication is a link to direct the Landlord to their dashboard where they will be able to read the messages and respond.  

 How long will it take for my advert to be published?

Depending on which package you go for, it takes between 12 - 24 hours for your property to be published across most of our partner websites.  Some of the smaller local sites could take a little longer.  We suggest searching either Rightmove or Zoopla using your property postcode to check it has been published.

 When would you advise me to start advertising my student property?

Ideally you should start advertising from January to find Tenants for the new academic year.

 Do your prices include VAT?

Our prices do include VAT at the standard rate of 20%.  If you claim VAT back, you will be able to use the auto generated invoices to do so.

 How long will it take for my property to be let?

Unfortunately there is no set answer for how long a property will take to let however, from our experience, as long as the description is complete, good photos have been taken, the price is right and the demand in the area is good, our average time to let a property is 3 weeks.

 Can l advertise my property whilst the existing Tenant is still living there?

Usually within the last 2 months of the Tenancy Agreement it is considered reasonable for the Landlord to re-advertise a property whilst the Tenant is still residing in the property.  Make sure your Tenant is aware that you will be carrying out viewings by giving no less than 24 hours written notice.

 Will l have any notice before my property expires?

Yes, you are able to see the amount of time remaining on your package by logging into your Landlord dashboard and navigating to your properties.

 Is there a limit on how many property l can advertise at the same time?

You can advertise as many properties as you wish. You will just need to purchase an advertising package per property.

 Do photos and description make a big impact on the number of enquiries l get?

Writing a good description and taking good quality photos are paramount to creating a property listing that will attract Tenants.  Adverts with photographs will attract at least 3 times as many enquiries as an advert without. 

 Is my advert refreshed every day on Rightmove?

No it is not possible to do this on Rightmove. They list properties in price order rather than in 'date listed' order.

 Am I able to place my advert on hold?

Yes, we can place your advert on hold for up to a period of 14 days.  Should that time elapse and you wanted to continue to advertise, a re-listing fee would become payable.  Please email [email protected] with your request.

 Can I buy multiple advertising packages in advance?

Yes you can purchase as many package credits you would like so when you next want to advertise a property, you simply allocate a credit to the property you wish to advertise in your Landlord dashboard.  Please call 0333 577 8888 to discuss portfolio discounts.

 My advert does not seem to be appearing on any of the property websites?

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for your property to be seen on our partner websites.  We would suggest that you search first by the full postcode of the property without any filters such as number of bedrooms etc.  If the property is still not showing, please inform us and we will investigate the issue for you immediately.

 Do you advertise short term lets?

Yes, if you would like to advertise your property as a short term let that is fine however, you would only be able to take up our Bronze or Silver package to do so.

 Is the price to advertise per property?

Yes, the price of the packages is per property. If you would like a discount deal you can purchase a bulk of packages from us.  Please call 0333 577 8888 to find out more.

 How do I know what rental price to ask for?

We would suggest that you carry out comparable market evidence by searching on the major property websites to see what similar properties in the same location as you are charging. If you have chosen our Gold or Platinum package, we can carry out our own free marketing comparable report by request.

 Can I advertise a single room in a house?

Yes you can, however, only the Bronze and Silver packages can be applied to a room advertisement.

 Do you offer a full property management service?

We do not carry out full management of a property, however, through our Platinum package we can collect your rent, lodge the deposit, take care of your Tenancy Agreement, and guarantee your rent for you.

 Do you advertise commercial properties?

Yes, we do advertise commercial property however, the property will only be seen on our website and

 Do you advertise student accommodation?

Yes, we do advertise student accommodation.  Please choose either of our 4 packages to proceed.

 Can I edit my property once it is published and live?

Yes, you can edit your property whenever you would like to. Simply log into the website and navigate to your Landlord dashboard.  From here you can edit any of the properties within your account.  Remember, a member of our landlord team will need to review the changes before they can be reflected on our partner property websites and this may take up to 24 hours.

 When should I start to advertise a property

It is best to start advertising your property at least 2 months before the property becomes vacant.  Bearing in mind that most Tenants will be required to give one months notice to their current Landlord so if you have a property that is vacant immediately, you may have to be prepared to wait a few weeks before your next Tenant moves in.

 Do I need photos to be able to advertise a property?

You can advertise a property without photos however, we strongly recommend you include photo's to your advert.   You can edit your advert at any time and can therefore add photos at a later stage.

 How can I advertise a property to let

First you will be required to register for an account.  Once you have registered, you will be asked to provide information about the property on a simple form and once completed, select the marketing pakage you require.  A member of our landlord team will then review the details of the property and create an advert to be published online.

 Who takes the tenant calls and email enquiries?

We have a team of highly trained letting agents in our office that take calls from tenants from 9am - 5.30pm - Monday to Friday and from 9am - 4pm on weekends and bank holidays.  The enquiries we receive on your property are vetted according to your criteria and if the prospective tenant matches your requirements, we will contact you with the viewing arrangements by phone, text and email.

 How do I stop my advert once I find a Tenant?

From within your Landlord Dashboard you are able to hide your property advert once you have found a Tenant.  It will take up to 24 hours for your property to be made invisible across our partner property websites.

 Can I advertise using my own contact details on the advert?

No.  Our service includes vetting of all tenants before a viewing can be arranged and therefore, any enquiries on your property must be received by our office and we will contact you with the viewing arrangements.

 What are the benefits of using

Aside from your property being marketed on the biggest property websites in the UK, you will also benefit from:

  • Excellent value for money – No premium rate numbers, no hidden charges, vat included in all pricing.
  • We deliver Results – 90% of properties let within 3 weeks, properties published within 24 hours across the internet, tenant viewing requests sent by instant text message and email. 
  • Easy to use – Award...  Learn more

 How do I market a property to let?

Once you have logged into your account, you will be prompted to let us know the details of the property you wish to market by completing a short property details form.

You can give us a full description with features and benefits, upload up to 9 photographs, an EPC and floor plan if you have one.   You will also have the opportunity to select the types of tenants you will consider such as sharers, tenants with pets or tenants with housing benefit support.

Once we have received...  Learn more

 Where will my property be advertised?

Our advertising packages include advertising your property not only on our own website –, you will also be on the UK's leading property websites including, Rightmove, PrimeLocation, Zoopla and more.