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What's the best way to find a tenant for your rental property you ask?  Well, since establishing our online agency in 2008 we've seen the private rented sector evolve considerably. Self managing landlords

Although Right to Rent checks have been around for a couple of years now as part of The Immigration Act 2014, surprisingly, they are still falling on deaf ears of some UK landlords.

Ever found yourself asking the question how much rent should I charge my tenants? Before you start marketing a property or renew an existing tenancy, it's best to find out how much rent

Helping our landlords find new tenants starts with making sure their property advert attracts the right tenant online.  In fact a ‘pool’ of the right tenants to choose from is the aim of

What do we really need to know about our tenants and why?  UK Landlords that go down the road of self-management will at some point either talk or meet potential tenants.  It is

I have chosen to make this the subject of my first article in the series for two reasons namely, many Landlords are unaware of the changes to Tenancy Deposit legislation in the Localism

When you rent a property it is standard to take out a tenancy agreement. The most common form of these is known as an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST for short) and it

Whichever method of advertising you choose to let out your property, it makes good business sense to boost your marketing campaign with a to-let board. Reaching the Locals Marketing a property across all

A landlord with 8 years’ experience and 20 properties under her belt, had her worst fears realised when she let out a property to four students without taking proper tenant referencing. Potential dangers