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Under the weight of legislation, regulations and rent arrears some people get fed up of being landlords and those people now have a title “tired landlords” and are seen as the ideal target

“Romney shot himself in the foot this week, then re-loaded, and shot the other foot” – Affan Chowdhry Most universities were built before most of us were born and, just like Airports, it

The reason that the legal process for taking our properties back from tenant is called possession is because once we have handed the keys to the tenant that tenant legally possesses the property and

From the 6th April 2012 a new style Energy Performance Certificate was introduced to give clearer information about measures that can be carried out to improve the energy performance rating of properties. All

Although most landlord responsibilities are laid out in the tenancy agreement, unless using a plain English tenancy agreement, the legal terms used can make deciphering your responsibilities somewhat of a challenge - even for

What does EPC stand for? EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate. Energy Performance Certificates, or EPCs, are a compulsory requirement for all homes on the property market. Landlords are liable for a Penalty

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) is a commonly used term in property letting. However, few landlords really understand what it means and whether it applies to their rental property. What is a HMO?

The simple answer is "yes", a verbal tenancy agreement is as legally binding (reference case: Johnson v. Patry) as a written tenancy agreement, however, we would never advise you enter into one. What's the