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Non-Resident Landlord – Tax reminder for overseas landlords

What is a Non-Resident landlord? A non-resident landlord is essentially a landlord who lives overseas for more than 6 months of the year and rents out a property in the United Kingdom and is therefore required to pay tax on any rental income. Drawbacks of being an overseas landlord Although it can be tempting to self […]

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Infographic showing survey results from a national online lettings agent.

Landlords fear a double hit from Section 24 according to survey

New survey results from a national online lettings agency suggests that residential property landlords fear a double hit from Section 24 and the proposed changes to tax relief – not only reducing their overall rental profits but also pushing many of them unknowingly into a higher tax bracket. Coupled with the recent introduction of an additional 3% increase in stamp duty on […]

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Landlords Tax Return

Landlord Tax on Property and Rental Income – Deadline 31/01/15

We’ve reached that time of year again when all self-employed people need to start thinking about their tax. The January 31st deadline won’t be an issue to the majority, but for some it will certainly fill them with dread. Whether you are an established property professional or someone who has become an accidental landlord due […]

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Overseas landlord

Overseas landlords letting out property.

It’s a well known fact that more and more UK citizens are moving abroad, this could be for a number of reasons including cheaper living costs, higher paid employment or perhaps just a change of scenery and warmer climes, but this poses the problem of what to do with the property they leave behind. In […]

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Landlord Living Overseas

Should you rent your property when you move abroad?

According to the Office of National Statistics, every year, over 300,000 of us Brits choose another life abroad. The big question is, “what do we do with our house when we move abroad?” Should you let your property or sell it when you leave the UK?  Traditionally, most emigrants would decide to put the house […]

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