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Landlord gas safety regulations are due to change in April 2018. Are you ready for some good news?

Gas Safety Regulations 2018 for Private Landlords

The 6 April 2018 saw the implementation of the Gas Safety Regulations (Installation and Use) – (Amendment) 2018 (The Regulations), providing landlords with more flexibility around the renewal of gas safety records.  The changes were introduced following a consultation carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) between November 2016 and January 2017. Prior […]

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Landlord gas safety regulations are due to change in April 2018. Are you ready for some good news?

Landlord Gas Safety Regulations 2018

It gives me pleasure to share some good news for landlords with respect to proposed changes to landlord gas safety regulations and responsibilities. UPDATE: These changes have now taken place and you can find out more info on the Gas Safety Regulations 2018 Amendments here. Current landlord gas safety responsibilities If the property is supplied […]

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Fixed Wire Testing being carried out by competent electrician testing fuse board.

Fixed Wire Testing For Rental Properties

As a landlord, one of the fundamental responsibilities you have is a duty to provide tenants with a safe home to live in and in this article we want to remind you of the importance of periodic Fixed Wire Testing. With regards to the legal regulations, it is quite surprising that it is not currently a […]

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Gas Safety Check – Reminder For Landlords

The seventh annual Gas Safety Week is upon us and we pledge our support to raise awareness of the importance for landlords to carry out an annual gas safety check.  Poorly maintained gas appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas safety is important all year round, not just at the […]

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Grenfell Tower on Fire

Grenfell Tower – Let’s Make a Difference – Please.

I am sure that you were as upset as I was to see the dreadful loss of life, health and of homes in the fire in Grenfell Tower, London.  The on-going situation for those who survived is heartbreaking. Making a donation to the Grenfell Tower support fund was not enough for me, I needed to […]

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11 things the ‘accidental’ landlord needs to know

Some people choose to become buy-to-let landlords, others have being a landlord thrust upon them.  There are times when people inherit property, or get married and have a property from their previous single life, and the market is just not right for a sale, or they’re just not ready to let go of it. Renting […]

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Reminder to Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Being a landlord isn’t just about providing a roof over someone’s head and occasionally repairing the boiler. There are many legal requirements that all landlords are bound by, with seemingly more laws being passed each day.  The laws are designed to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords, but of course they also affect ‘good’ landlords, who […]

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Important Changes To Legislation That Affect Landlords and Agents

Bescot Stadium, home to Walsall FC, was the venue that hosted this year’s West Midlands Landlord Conference where were invited to exhibit and meet some 400 + private landlords letting property in and around the Midlands.  Read on to find out what was discussed and what recent changes to legislation are affecting landlords now. The […]

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