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Matthew has taken on a dual role in management and operations. His strategic, focused and goal orientated experience in achieving results within international, high-profile companies adds to the further successes, growth and future plans for lettingaproperty.com.

We live in a world where people decide within a split second whether or not they’re interested in a potential date, a piece of clothing they’ve seen online or a house or flat

The majority of landlords who let residential property are aware that when requesting a tenancy deposit from their tenant, to comply with government legislation the funds must be registered with a third party deposit scheme - either

Who pays your rent if your tenant decides not to and what happens to the deposit?  Read on to discover what happened when a tenant for a property signed a rental contract with

Being a landlord isn’t just about providing a roof over someone’s head and occasionally repairing the boiler. There are many legal requirements that all landlords are bound by, with seemingly more laws being

Becoming a landlord is a fantastic way of ensuring a steady income from month-to-month and is hopefully a sound investment for the years to come. However, it is worth doing your homework before

One of the most important considerations for landlords is whether their property can pass a HHSRS inspection. The acronym ‘HHSRS’ refers to the Housing Health and Safety Rating System, which councils use to

As a landlord, property legislation puts a duty of care for your tenants firmly on your shoulders. Therefore, if you are renting out accommodation featuring gas appliances or fittings, you will have to

Landlords will have a little more paperwork in the near future as regulations come into force that put the onus on you to check a tenant’s immigration status. Fines of up to £3,000

Whether you're already receiving your pension or you're approaching pension age, it is good to review the different options available to you. One option that many pensioners overlook is turning pensions into property.