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House viewing checklist

Refer to our house viewing checklist when showing a tenant around.

Refer to our house viewing checklist when showing a tenant around.

Always make sure it is safe for you and your prospective Tenants to view the property.  Do not leave trip hazards or health and safety hazards lying around the house.

Try and conduct your viewings during the day and if you are going to be alone, make sure you tell a friend or family member that you have a Tenant coming over to view the property and give them the Tenants name and telephone number.

Make sure that you have all the relevant information regarding the property to hand such as, Gas Safety Certificate, EPC, gas bills, council tax, water bills, any other charges, locality to schools and public transport etc so that you can educate the Tenant about the property and local surroundings.

Showing a sample Tenancy Agreement and proof of your membership of a Landlords Association and/or Accreditation Scheme will give the viewer confidence that you are a professional Landlord and that you intend to start your relationship with trust and professionalism.

Showing TenantsPhysically conducting a rental viewing is straightforward.  Start either upstairs or downstairs or if a single story property, from the entrance hall.  Show the Tenant around the property remembering to highlight and good features such as storage space, views from windows, location to shops etc.  This may be personal preference however, we would like to then let the Tenant look around the property by themselves, this is more relaxing and they will be able to take more of the property features in.

If you are letting to Tenants with pets, some Landlord like to meet the pet too so that they can gauge how well trained the animal is!

On the day of the viewing, make sure you call the prospective Tenant in the morning to confirm the time of the appointment and the address of the property.  You would be surprised to learn how many Tenants simply forget they had an appointment to view the property.