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Advertising on property websites

Private landlords looking for maximum exposure for their property, should be looking to advertise on as many property websites as possible so that they have the potential for their property to be seen by millions.

The good news is, you don’t have to (and in most cases, you simply are not allowed) to go to these hundreds of property websites and advertise directly! The majority of the larger property websites will only allow high street and online letting agents to have a professional Agent account with them and therefore in turn, are able to advertise. is an online letting agent and we have been advertising exclusively online for over 5 years, and during that time, we have received 10’s of thousands of tenant enquiries through our partner property websites.  Each enquiry has been pre-vetted by our Tenant Team before being passed over to the private landlord – saving time and money.

Why should I advertise on property websites?

The way the internet has changed our lives over the last 10 years or so, is incredible.  Many organisations and industries (such as banking, travel, music and film) have embraced the power of the internet.  Those who have not, have unfortunately suffered and some have even closed their doors for the very last time.

The property industry has been no exception.  Historically, High Street Agents advertised only in the local newspaper in the property supplements once or twice a week (costing a small fortune with each publication) and then came property websites like Rightmove which were one of the first property websites offering Agents the opportunity to advertise their properties online – which they did and at the same time, were the biggest promoters of the website that has now become the leading property website in the UK estimated to be worth a few hundred million.

As a first mover in the property industry, it only took a few years for Rightmove to bed themselves in and soon became the first port of call for Tenants and Homebuyers in search of property.  The trend has continued strongly and it is now estimated that over 95% of all enquiries are driven by property websites.

Proof that if you want to find a tenant, you really should advertise your property online.

Which property websites should I be advertising on? advertises our private landlord properties on the major property websites including Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation.

Advertise on Rightmove
Advertise on Zoopla
Advertise on PrimeLocation

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