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 Rent on Time

Rent on Time is for landlords that require complete financial peace of mind. We'll advertise your property (if required**), check references, draft the legal paperwork and pay your rent on time every month - even if the tenant doesn't

Also included in the Rent on Time package is Landlord Home...  Learn more

  What happens if the tenant stops paying the rent?

We will deal directly with your tenants’ late payments and in the meantime, pay you the rent due regardless of whether your tenant pays us or not.

 Do I have to pay for re advertising my property when the tenants move out?

No, under the Platinum Package you do not have to pay the relisting fee as long as you continue with us on the Platinum package.

 Do you handle any Deposit disputes at the end of the tenancy?

Yes, under the Platinum package this service is complimentary and involves us having to liaise with all parties including the Deposit Protection Service during disputes.

 Do you use the tenants deposit as excess for non-payment of rent?

No. Under the Platinum package, your deposit which will be lodged within a deposit protection service will be kept for any damages and dilapidation (if applicable) that may occur within your property by your tenants.