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What happens if the tenant stops paying the rent?

After no payment has been received within 7 days from the rent due date and reminders have been sent, a final letter will be sent to the tenant/guarantor, copying the Landlord confirming the position and a rent schedule showing arrears. If rent has not been received by day 30 after this letter is sent, we advise our legal team and insurer of a pending claim. If the tenant fails to pay the next month’s rent and falls into 2 months arrears, a Section 8 Possession Notice will be served and legal proceedings against the tenant may begin.

If the tenant fails to pay and vacate the property, then a possession order from the Courts will be issued. If the tenant still fails to vacate or pay, a formal possession order will be provided by the courts. Finally, if the tenant still fails to vacate after this period has elapsed, a bailiff will be arranged to evict the tenant. Whilst the tenant is still in possession of your property and during the process of eviction, will ensure your rent is paid without any delay.