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Find a Tenant FAQs

 Do I need to provide proof of ownership of the property I want to let out?

Yes, we need to ensure you are the landlord or have been granted permission by the property owner to let out a particular property. 

 How long does it take to evict a tenant?

Government statistics indicate it can take up to 41 weeks on average in some parts of the country before a bailiff is able to evict a tenant. We know that if your rent is covered by us and our insurer, we will want to expedite the process to ensure your property is back in your hands as soon as possible.

 Can you provide an Inventory check-in, mid inspection and/or check-out service?

Yes, we work with inventory clerks throughout the country that are all accredited by the Association of Professional Inventory Providers (APIP). We co-ordinate the services required from our offices to take away the hassle of you having to do so. We can also arrange an interim visit when required. 

 Do I need to get a property inventory done before check in?

If you do not get an Inventory and schedule of condition report carried out at the beginning of the tenancy 9 out of 10 Landlords are unable to claim any of the deposit. If you choose not to have an inventory signed by both parties at the beginning and end of the tenancy you will not have a claim to the tenants’ deposit.  

 Is members with any Letting industry professional body?

We are members of several property related bodies including the National Landlords Association and UKALA where we hold a client money protection providing financial peace of mind for landlords and tenants. Additionally, we are members of Safe Agent and The Property Ombudsman.

 Can you arrange holding Fees from tenants?

Upon agreement from you, will take a holding fee from the tenant equal to one weeks rent to ensure the property can be removed from the market. This Holding fee is made to to ensure the tenant is ready to commit to your property having determined they are suitable to be your tenant. If the prospective tenant decides to release the property after the deposit has been received, the landlord will receive the deposit minus any charges incurred by

 What are the Tenant’s fees?

A tenant will pay £90 Inc. vat for their comprehensive reference and a £75 Inc. vat tenancy administration fee required before moving into the property.

No other fees apply unless the tenant requires an early release from the contract, with the permission of the Landlord or there is a late rent payment where a £90 agency administration fee will apply.   

  Do you draft the tenancy agreement and lodge the tenants deposit?

Yes. We take care of all the legal paper work regarding your tenancy agreement. You review it, digitally sign it and it then automatically goes to your tenant for their signature. Once all parties have signed, then all parties will get a copy of the signed agreement for their files. 

  Will there be an Account Manager I can contact during business hours?

Yes, we have a dedicated Landlord Team and Tenant Team that both our Landlords and Tenants will be in contact with throughout the initial stage of tenancy all the way through to the check-out day.

 Can I expect enquiries on the weekend and Public Holidays?

Yes. We take tenant enquires 365 days a year. Our opening times can be found here.

 Do you speak with interested tenants in my property?

Yes. 90% of our enquiries come via calls we get Monday to Sunday. Our team speak with interested tenants to match them to the type of tenant you have indication you wish to consider. Currently 10% of our enquiries come from tenants who are already registered and can contact you via your dashboard showing their interest.

 How do I get notified of any tenant interested in my property?

We will send, together with employment status, pet ownership status and intended move date, their name, telephone number and email address via both email and text notification instantly after we receive it. You receive the same information immediately when registered tenants enquire.

 Can you help me with a viewing service for prospective tenants?

Yes, we can provide a viewing service for our busy landlords at a nominal additional cost, for more information about this convenient service go to our Viewing Service page.

  Do I need to arrange the viewings with prospective tenants?

Yes. Once we have sent through an enquiry, we strongly recommend you try calling the tenant at a time convenient to you. You have the opportunity on this call to ask them some more qualifying questions and if you feel they may be suited arrange a time to meet at the property.  

 Do I need Photos and a Floor Plan to let my property?

We strongly recommend you have at least photos of your property to get any interest. But don’t worry if you don’t have any or they may not be good enough, we will arrange for a photographer to come around, take photos and do a floor plan as part of the service. We will also upload them for you onto your advert.