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Rent Payment Plan Addendum

Assured Shorthold Tenancies (England & Wales)

Rent payment plan addendum

What is a Rent Payment Plan Addendum?

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is understandable that despite the support offered by the government, some tenants may struggle financially. If your tenant(s) has requested a 'rent payment holiday' or variation to your tenancy agreement, you are advised to document any changes to your agreement in writing. A rent payment plan addendum is a 'mini' contract which is linked to your existing tenancy agreement and details any changes to the rent payment amount and/or term of payment. The remaining clauses and conditions of your existing agreement are not affected.

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You may decide to include a higher amount of rent to cover any shortfall in the previous periods.

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Disclaimer: This addendum is provided as a free service to landlords. are not to be held liable if the addendum does not fit your type of tenancy agreement or circumstances. If you are unsure as to whether the addendum is right for you, we would suggest you seek professional legal advice from a lawyer.