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Advice for Landlords


Advice for Landlords

We have written a series of Landlord advice articles to assist you when letting a property.  Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned professional Landlord or Property Manager, we hope this information will help you learn how to be a Landlord. 

If you have any questions about letting a property, we do hope you will be able to find the answers here however, if you would prefer to speak to an agent, please call us on 0333 577 8888 and select option 2.

In this series of Landlord advice articles, we will explore how a typical Landlord would go about letting a property for the first time.  You can use this as a guideline although some cases may differ slightly.

Landlords reading advice guideIf you have any doubt regarding the legality of letting a property privately, you must seek legal advice from a suitably qualified professional, such as a solicitor.  The information contained within this series of articles is not to be taken as legal advice, rather as a point of reference and general guide.

Throughout the articles, references will be made to areas on ou website which may help you further.

How to be a Landlord

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